Live music is one of the cornerstones OF an outstanding Brew Fest and we are lucky to have some great bands perform for us during our 2 day festival.  

FRIDAY NIGHT, 6.15.18   8:00pm-10:00pm 


The Innocents formed in 2012 and are based out of Sheridan, WY. They play dance music and cover a wide variety of songs ranging from barroom standards to more edgy original works. If "real country" is what you're looking for you've come to the right place!  Their show is designed to keep people dancing, drinking, and having an overall good time from downbeat to last call.  The band's debut album "Last Time I Leave" hit number 19 on the itunes New Music Charts and was NPR's runner-up 2014 Wyoming Album of the Year. Band members consist of: Tris Munsick (guitar, lead vocal), Daniel Ball (lead guitar, vocal), Tom Lulias (steel guitar), Nick Lulias (bass), and Ryan Bell (drums).

SATURDAY NIGHT, 6.16.18   6:00pm-8:00pm


The Lonesome Heroes might as well print “Cosmic American” on their passports. The Austin, TX based group may hail from the “Live Music Capital of the World,” but their sound suggests they originate from a parallel universe where the works of Gram ParsonsBeck, and Wilco propagate.  Austin's KUTX describes them as “the soundscape that occurs when indie rock and country artfully cross paths.” 

Appointed as ambassadors of “Cosmic American Music”, The Lonesome Heroes were one of a handful of American acts invited to play the inaugural Dashville Skyline Music Festival in Australia. Upon their return, the band has continued at what they do best - pack the dance floors of saloons, bars, and clubs across America and turn indie-rockers into two-steppers (or vice-versa) by way of the rhythm of the road.

2018 has seen the Heroes perform at Folk Alliance InternationalSXSW and preparing for another summer of touring in support of their forthcoming album Rise & Fall.


SATURDAY NIGHT, 6.16.18   8:00pm-10:00pm


Sean grew up a Cheyenne country boy. and it is still where he and his wife Amy make their home and his love and pride for the state and the Rocky Mountain Region shows in every aspect of his life.

Sean was awarded the 2016 Entertainer of the Year award at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards. In addition the band took home 2016 Album of the Year with their first album, Kind Of Like Wyoming. Their single, “I Take This Beer” from their debut album, hit the new artist country top 40 countdown at best country radio, and debuted at #9 and reached #8. The song "Nowhere Road" has also had extensive radio play and has become Sean Curtis' biggest hit.