Live music is one of the cornerstones OF an outstanding Brew Fest and we are lucky to have some great bands perform for us during our 2 day festival.  

FRIDAY NIGHT, 6.14.19   7:00pm-8:30pm 


The Reminders are a rare and remarkable musical duo seamlessly blending soulful sounds and roots music with insightful messages and thoughtful lyrics. The group consists of Brussels-born emcee Big Samir and Queens-born emcee/ vocalist Aja Black, a collective creative force that’s hard to beat. Big Samir weaves intricate rhythmic patterns with a bilingual French/English flow, displaying his street-smart credibility in both his lyrics and cool demeanor. This is beautifully complimented by Aja Black's confident delivery, diverse cadences, and unique vocal stylings. The two have an undeniable magical chemistry as they share more than lyrical abilities and stages; the couple shares a partnership in both music and life as Samir and Aja have been married for almost a decade.

The Reminders transcend the bounds of what is expected. Their stage presence and high energy shows leave crowds in awe the world over, allowing the duo to uplift and entertain all at once. Their unique mashup of razor sharp rhymes; raw, soulful vocals; and reggae-tinged hip hop beats form the perfect backdrop for their relevant and inspiring themes, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with audiences always wanting more. The Reminders take their hip hop foundation and move it beyond genre, time, and space to create a global musical experience that is classic and speaks to all those willing to participate.


SATURDAY NIGHT, 6.15.19   5:00pm-7:00pm


Led by guitarist/vocalist Josh Gonzales, the Josh Gonzales Band, or JoGoBa, ignited the Cheyenne music scene upon its formation in February 2015. Bolstered by a scintillating reggae/blues/R&B hybrid, the Josh Gonzales Band quickly won over a loyal following and played before packed venues in Cheyenne within its first year of existence. In early 2016, the band was named Cheyenne’s favorite in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s “Reader’s Choice” awards – and JoGoBa has continued to expand its following into Fort Collins and Denver with each ensuing performance.

JoGoBa is derived from the artistic ingenuity of several legends, including immortals Bob Marley and B.B. King. Gonzales also found musical – and personal – inspiration through several more contemporary acts, such as Pepper and SOJA, with whom he has developed relationships after attending countless concerts. The authentic soul of blues music is seamlessly fused with the indomitably positive message of reggae in Gonzales’ songwriting. Gonzales’ music spans the human experience – from romance and heartache to socially conscious challenges of repressive ideologies – with one unifying characteristic: love will always prevail.


SATURDAY NIGHT, 6.15.19   7:30pm-9:30pm

BLINK 90210

“We have come from a distant future to rock you from the past. By the year 90210 homo sapiens have transcended their physical form and evolved into beings of pure energy. We are those beings. Able to slide between dimensions and time, we have found in all of the universes, only one sound rises above the rest. That sound is Pop Punk from the late 1900s to the early 2000s. Four of us decided to burden ourselves with the physical form, in this time, so we could fully understand what it means to be really cool. We teamed up to maximize the potential within these tiny, fragile bodies. When at full strength we become BLINK 90210. A creature more powerful than we could have ever imagined. Beware feeble humans, the sound we have created is so awesome your weak minds may be destroyed when subjected to it! But we have found that those who survive achieve a higher level of consciousness and a become totally sweet. I challenge you to improve yourself and check us out.”

Peace homies -

BLINK 90210