What does my ticket pay for?

Your ticket pays for a responsible number of craft beer samples from the more than 30 breweries that will be there. This is a fund raiser and all proceeds go to supporting the Cheyenne Depot. Your ticket does not pay for food or non-alcoholic beverages.

I don't drink and i'm the dd for my friends, do i need a ticket?

No. People who are not drinking from the festival’s brewers will be able to hang out with people who are drinking the festival beers. However, if you decide to partake in the festival beers without a ticket, you will be asked to purchase a ticket or to leave by security.

Are Children Allowed?

The festival is open to everyone. There will be live music, food for purchase and a great vibe. Before deciding to bring your kids, please consider this is an event where people are spending money to drink craft beers and sometimes people, despite our best efforts to control it, do over-indulge. While we don't anticiapte a rowdy crowd, please think about the children before bringing them.  Anyone under the age of 21 who consumes alcoholic beverages risks spending time getting to know the fine men and women of the Cheyenne Police Department, and possibly being the subject of one of their fantastic Facebook posts.

Are Dogs Allowed?

While most dogs are better behaved than children, there will be no dogs allowed on the plaza during the Wyoming Brewers Festival. Space is tight and we don't want your fur-baby to get overwhelemed and/or stepped on.

How Many Beers Can I Drink?

That's different for every person. You are encouraged to pace yourself, even purchase a weekend pass to spread out the sampling over two days. Our volunteers are TIPS trained and will be watching to make sure we are not over-serving our guests.

Are you Doing Safe Rides Home Again THis Year?

Yes, the Wyoming Brewers Festival presented by Midas will help pay for your ride home. We are offering $20 credits on both Lyft and Uber for patrons of our festival. You MUST apply the promo codes to your phone app before requesting the ride to get the credit. We will also partner with local shuttle companies to pay for rides home with them as well. Please visit our Safe Ride Page for more information.

When is last call?


Last call will be at 9:30. This means you have one last chance to sample a beer, and then the booths will be shut down. This is a good time to order your Uber or Lyft to get home. At 10:00 you will be asked to leave the Depot Plaza

No. You may not bring any glass of any kind on to the plaza and drink out of it. This is not our rule, but the City of Cheyenne's. If you have glass on the plaza we will ask you to kindly return it to your car, or the bar or restuarant that you five finger discounted it from.


Can I bring glass on the plaza?